Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New Buys & Some Xmas Gifts

My First Vintage Shirt, Bought On Christmas Eve, Brighton.

In these first few pictures I'm wearing that vintage shirt I mentioned about in my last post. It's red, honest, but in the pictures and in some lights it looks orange! Strange. Anyway, I adore it.. It's a mens shirt and totally baggy and snug.
Here I am wearing some jewellery I got for Christmas. Aren't they gorgeous pieces? The red heart ring reminds me of a chunk of candy and the bracelet has so much going on and is quite gothic, really beautiful.

Here's a photo I took of my cat Yasmine chillaxing on Christmas day, bless her.

Left: Me wearing my Topshop tee my friend got me for my Xmas pressie.
Right: Me wearing my new baseball jacket I got in the Topshop boxing day sales, reduced from £55 to £25 :-)

Me on webcam wearing the jacket.

Here is some of what I got in the sales, 26th/27th December.
Includes; Topshop jacket (£25), Urban Outfitters shoes (£13), Urban Outfitters pink ribbed tights (£4), Topshop leapard print tights (£5).

Topshop jacket on its own ;-)

Here are the tights closer up! M/L because I'm tall ha.
I can't wait to wear these leapard print ones with my Doc Martens (when I got my Doc Martens) Kayla Hadlington style, like in this picture.

I also got this shirt in Topshop, unfortunatly not in the sale. But I've had my eye on it for a while.
Love it. You can buy it here. It costs £28.

And here's me holding the shoes for a better look for ya.

Till next time,


  1. I love the first shirt! You got some great items!!

  2. Thanx dear!
    I'm following you back now!

    Kind regards, Valerie

  3. Oh, I love the Shirt and the jacket is amazing i'm looking for a similar like yours !




  4. I'm a sucker for shirts, and that red shirt is just so perfect.


  5. Hey isabella! Loved the red shirt! In fact, I would've loved to see more pics of it! It looks really great paired up with the shiny belt!
    Thanks for stopping by

  6. thanks for the comment! love your style and your blog. hope you can find some vintage clothing you love soon!



  7. love the last shirt and the shoes with that shirt!
    your cat is also really cute!!!


  8. Wow I love your hand jewellery!

  9. Love the red shirt! And your hair is so lovely and long!


  10. lovely jeweleries! and the cat is beautiful! i have 2 myself :)

  11. Gorgeous outfits...
    Loved the accessories!!!

  12. Your hair is gorgeous! I love the heart ring


  13. love the shirt.
    now i´m following. first time it doesn´t work!
    i´m fine, thank u.


  14. Beautiful Christmas gifts!! I love your jewelry pieces! xoxoxoxo

  15. I bought those leopard print topshop tights recently as well; they're gorgeous. That vintage shirt is lovely as well...I've been scouring high and low to find a decent one, but no such luck.

  16. aaaa Love it!!!!
    everything you got is just sooo Pretty!!!! :D
    I was on Topshop :D
    I bought a Tee and some earings :D


  18. Glamour Bbey- Cheers :)

    Screamyourfeelingsout- Thank you love!

    The Glory Beats- Awh yes, I agree :) I love them. Hopefully you'll be able to find a jacket like it, Topshop may still have some in your area?

    Alisha- Hehe, thanks :) Glad you like it.

    CandeS- Helloo! Awh, well I'm sure you'll be seeing more of it at some point on my blog because I may wear as an outfit of the day post soon... Keep a look out! Thank you, yes I thought it looked good with the belt too :) No problem, thanks to you too.

    jadaandjon- That's no problem! Aww thanks so much. Yes, I have actually but just need to be saving money right now. But your stuff is really lovely <3

    Leigh- Heh, thanks a lot! Aww yes, she is a sweetie pie :D

    Marcella- Thanks!

    Blog 312- Thank you very much :)

    Larissa- Thank you! She is isn't she :) Awh great! I have 3 altogether, love them x

    Devina & Monika- Thank you!!

    verena- Thanks, and thanks for following :) No worries. Good you're fine <3

    Fashion Cappuccino- Thanks!

    c'est freak, le chic- Aren't they indeed, oh my gosh this awful thing happened yesturday though, I was wearing them and my cat got his claw into them and now there is a massive ladder in them.. I was so angry aha. Thanks.. awh, well I wish you luck finding one that you like!

    Kristine- Thanks sweetie! Awh, nice!

    Violetta- HNY to you too <3

    Rand T- Awww, thank you!



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