Friday, 26 August 2011

New buys, new looks!


White shirt and mint green jumper from a charity shop, shoes are from

White shirt from charity shop, tights and black velvet skirt from Primark, shoes from


Vintage jacket from Rokit in Camden

Skirt from TKmaxx
Levi jacket from charity shop
Top from a stool along Portobello Road
Hello everyone! I have some good news! I got my GCSE results yesturday and I have gotten 6 GCSE's (well, one is a half GCSE but I'll count it anyway), and I needed 5 to get my courses... so now I can go to college and study the courses I wanted! Photography & Acting, yessss :) In these photos are my latest buys (I ADORE ALL OF THEM), all second hand apart from the skirt. I always wonder what the person who wore the clothes before were like and if it's true that you can pick up their energy.. who knows?! So far though, I think I am still myself! ;) When I spotted the Levi jacket I was literally bouncing... it was £10 and is now officially my baby, I am in love... Can't wait to show off my new stuff when I start college in early September! It's gonna be so nice to wear what I want as before at school we had to wear uniform and I hated that... I felt like a clone! We weren't even allowed nail varnish or bright colour hair, crazy! I have to get starting my college summer assignment soon, it's for photography and I must take photos and anotate in a little notebook! Hope everyone else's Summer's are going wonderfully, I've been keeping busy by lots and lots of Starbucks and shopping times, plus I've been to a few gigs including Kaiser Cheifs, The Kooks, Ke$ha and then there's The Vaccines who I saw a few days ago... they were awesome! :)
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