Saturday, 31 July 2010


Today I met up with my friend Sarah who I only just met (in person) yesturday. We met on Twitter back in September 2009 and we are both totally obsessed with the Olsens. Anyway! We went to London together, I would upload more photos but the uploader isn't working too well so 2 will have to do for now, maybe I'll add more to this post when it lets me more easily. So, we first went on the London Eye, it was both our first times on it. I admit, I was a little scared about the height at first but once I was at the top everything was perfectly fine. Unfortunatly the weather started off nice but when we were at the London Eye it was grim and there were slight drops of rain at times - but nothing drastic. After that we went to Oxford Street and looked around the shops, went looking for Elizabeth and James in Selfridges but unfortuantly they don't do it anymore! Bummer. :( After Oxford Street we went to Trafalgar Square and also Hyde Park! As you can see, in the second picture, me (left) and Sarah are by the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park.
MY OUTFIT You might not be able to see my outfit quite clearly here but anyway here is what I wore and were it came from: Top - Topshop Skirt - Primark Shoes - Treds Bag - TJ Hughs Pendant Watch Necklace - Topshop

Friday, 30 July 2010

Army Jackets = LOVE

Have you got one? I don't but I must get one soon!

Thursday, 29 July 2010


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  • Black vest underneath top - Unknown
  • Dress - New Look
  • Skirt - H&M
  • Tights - was a gift

So today I felt like dressing up a bit and being playful with what I chose.
I decided to double up a dress and a skirt as I thought that the little bit of dress showing below the skirt looked good. The tights are sure a risky colour - orange! But I do love them, they had a sticker on the packet saying 'Vintage Darling' and I loved the fact that it is vintage... or vintage style anyway. It's cute though as it has little flowers on it, one being pink and green and the other being orange and red. Oh and I just had to get my cat in the pic haha! I wouldn't of wanted to of cropped her out :)

I came across this website the other day and well.. fell in love with it!
The amount of amazing looks from so many different people from around the world, it's fascinating to look at! It's jampacked with lots of cutting edge fashion outfits and really cool original people who have put them together. I totally recommend it! Also it has so many great fashion photography pictures, beautifully edited and nicely put together also. ♥

I could quite easily spend hours on this website!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Ashley Olsen, FASHION Magazine, September Issue, 2010


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Ashley Olsen looks so amazingly beautiful on Septembers Canadian 'FASHION' magazine. The shots are just breathtaking and have a very relaxed, cool retro vibe to them. I wish I could get the magazine but they don't sell it here in the UK, very dissapointing :(

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My Top 8 Favourite Models

Inspirational and amazing models!

First 4 are my fave British models;
1. 60's Twiggy
2. Lily Cole
3. Kate Moss
4. Agyness Deyn

Second image are 4 of my other fave models from different countries (apart from Lily Donaldson who is also British!)
5. Gemma Ward
6. Sasha Pivovarova
7. Lily Donaldson
8. Abbey Lee Kershaw

2 Obsessions of The Moment

Follow the Bunny T-Shirt

Came across this super-awesome tee today, I really want it but it is off a website I am not familiar with and it isn't English either so I don't understand the language.

I want it though, it's amazing.

Burberry Silk Epaulette Trench Coat
Since the moment I caught eyes on the coat in one of my many fashion magazines, I fell in love. Isn't she beautiful?! *Dies inside because it's too expensive*

CandyCoatedFashion - A new fashion blog!

Hey fashion lovers!
Welcome to my new fashion blog,
I've always wanted to make one but never did - up until now that is!
Now, reasons for visiting this blog on a regular basis are:
1. I intend to update it regulary
2. I will post lots of inspirational pictures
3. I will post great fashion website links on here when I come across some
4. I will post my outfits! Pictures and all!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you like the blog so far!

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