Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Now let me at the truth which will refresh my broken mind

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Mumford & Sons - The Cave
Image and video hosting by TinyPicSpirit hood from boohoo.com, aviator jacket from Primark, pink jumper from Topshop,
patterned woolly leggings from unknown shop, socks from Topshop, boots are Dr Martens.

Hey all, hope you had a nice Christmas! Mine was quite nice, had some family down, enjoyed their company. It was quite a relaxing lazy day really; had Christmas dinner, opened presents, watched movies... the usual really. As they've gone now I have time to upload these photos on the blog of which were taken on Christmas Eve. My best friend took these photos and we went into a park with its round bench and messed around taking other funny photos too, it was nice ^.^ I'm looking forward to the new year approaching, 2012! I hope it's a good one! Hopefully I'll post before then but if not, I'll see y'all in the new year, woooo ahaha :) xoxo

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Walking In The Air - Instrumental
t-shirt from portobello road, shorts are vintage from camden, necklace is new look.
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Hoodie from Camden - Criminal Damage, T-shirt from Select I believe, shorts are vintage from Camden, bag from Barratts, purple leggings are old Idk were from, socks are from TK Maxx [Soho London brand], shoes are Dr Martens.

Christmas has come early for me as I ordered a Canon 550d off eBay, it came early and I wanted to check it to see if everything was okay and basically I want to be able to use it on actual Christmas day and know how to use it properly by then, ahh it's so cool :3 All the photos above are taken with it. In the last few I took out a couple items that I've had since about 12 at least, that would be the T-shirt and the leggings - I keep things even if I never wear them, just incase! I think they look quite good considering they could look very childish if I teamed them slightly differently. I like a bright outfit on a glum day, and to cheer my mood. These socks are super cute, I got them the other day... they have floral grey print on either side of the leg and they came with a grey pair too. Merry Christmas everyone! Love, Isabella xoxo

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