Thursday, 6 December 2012

I'm trying to hope with nothing to hold, I'm living on such sweet nothing

 Dress made by my best friend, tights & socks are hand-me-downs, creepers from New Look.

Hey guys! The other day I modelled my friends dress she made in her fashion class, isn't it cute? :) I love the pattern that was all printed by her also. Hope you like these pics she took and I edited. As you can see I'm sporting some new creepers! I adore them. These ones I got on Oxford Street the day after seeing the amazing Crystal Castles (I got to hold Alice Glass' hand and it was epic). They had a 20% off deal on all the shoes in store so I bought these for just under £18 which was great! I just looove to team any shoes up with glittery socks peeping through also, gives it that finishing touch! Btw, I've created an Instagram account, it would be cool if people would follow! @isabellabarter :-)

Friday, 2 November 2012


 Headband from Topshop, butterfly sequin top & flowy skirt from a charity shop.

Happy belated Halloween guys! Here is what I wore out to a house party on the day :-) I can't believe October is already now over and soon Autumn will become Winter, which is a shame because I think this year I've appreciated Autumn more than I have any other year before. Although the weather has been freezing and you may aswell call it Winter weather. I love the atmosphere when all the trees are changing and the fashion is also changing for fall, everyone is getting their new coats out and I have been wearing my beanie more than ever! I've also been loving the build up to Halloween, watching scary films, deciding on costume ideas, having Halloween themed treats and all that jazz. On a scary note though, soon I will have to send in my application to university's and I feel I'm really not mentally ready for applying yet, it's just all come so soon and there is so much to be done *sigh*. Hope you're all keeping well, stay warm, love and peace.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Surrendered at the start of the game.

White shirt from charity shop, vintage jumper from not sure, denim jacket and rings from Portobello Market, hoodie from Dirty Harry's, ying-yang leggings from eBay, boots are Dr Martens, earings from Forever 21.

Hey all! Sorry it has been so long since my last blog post :-( I suck at this! Hahah. Anyway these photos are from the day I went up to London after going to an open day at Kingston University and I went to Portobello Market, these photos would have been better if I had them taken when the sun was out as my camera doesn't adjust well to dim light but I did try to brighten them in Photoshop. As for the open day, I really like it there and would just love it so much if I got in to do BA Photography there, it's inspired me to work really hard and be the best that I can possibly make myself be. Let's hope what I do is good enough, for if not there, then somewhere else just as good.

The xx - Swept Away (Chelsie Girl Remix)

Monday, 30 July 2012

I am a moth who just wants to share your light.

Sunglasses from Snoopers Paradise, earings were a gift, jumper from charity shop,
skinny jeans from Primark, creepers from eBay

Hey guys! I've bleached my hair + had a haircut! I plan to do my hair again to get rid of some of the yellow-ness and make it more pearl white ^.^ But till then, this is what it looks like for now :-) I used XXL Absolute Platinum hair dye. When getting my haircut I had quite a lot taken off as I felt it needed it, also it was getting harder to cope with when it was so long but I admit that I do miss my very long hair now, buy hey, it'll grow back! The weather has been lovely recently in England and I really wanted to do more outfit posts while the weather was like that but unfortunately I ended up having my eye swelled up like a balloon due to mosquito bites and possible eye cold sores which I'm still taking medication for now. You can probably spot these in some of the photos, I felt no need to edit them out because when I look back on these it'll remind me of something that was going on in that time the photos were taken, heh! This jumper I found in the downstairs bit of the charity I work at and I love it lots! Got it for £3.
Hope you're all having a great Summer! Till next time...

Thursday, 12 July 2012

I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks.

Top from Topshop sale, skirt from New Look, headband from H&M, necklace from Primark 

Here's just a quick post of a simple outfit I put together last night. I really am set on doing a lot more outfit posts regularly over this Summer, and even though I'm not that keen on doing inside photos as it requires more time and editing in my case, I still gave it a twirl seeing as yesterday it was raining and the weather is just really bipolar in general in England! Another thing I don't like is people watching when I'm outside doing outfit photos, which I suppose fashion bloggers really have to get used to and not care too much on what others around them think. If I have this approuch then maybe I'll get better locations in the long run :-)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The tears of a clown.

Vintage (only 2004) T-shirt from To Be Worn Again, skirt from Topshop winter sale,
boots are Doc Martins, bracelets from Primark

It's been a rainy day today but since my mum found my granddad's old tripod in the loft today I just had to start using it straight away! Finally I won't have to balance my camera on unsteady objects where it would always fall down etc... yay! So recently I bought this tie-dye tee from a vintage shop for £10, they have so many in that shop and I picked the largest... it is XXL haha. I love the baggy look and how long it is, this way it can be worn with tights like a little dress, or used as an over layer, not that I'm doing either in these photos though. I also picked this one out because I found that this pattern was the nicest out of the others :-) I love its vibrant colours, it's awesome. I feel very hippie dippie in it ^.^ & I love to grunge it up with black! x0x0x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer's in the air and baby, heaven's in your eyes

Here are some photos that were taken recently with my film camera :) I hope you like <3
I've now finished my first year of sixth form college and am on my Summer holidays. I really look forward to doing more outfit posts in my spare time and sharing more photography with you - get this blog extremely active like it should be! I'd like this Summer to be a very productive one, where I can get my motivation back up and be as creative as possible, in the art aspects. I plan on going out and about as much as possible, meeting new people and taking regular visits to the beach to collect my thoughts whilst people watch, sipping at whatever Starbucks beverage takes my fancy :-) My Summer read is going to be The Virigin Suicides which I bought recently, morbid I know, but apparently it is good so I don't mind. When I've finished with that I shall move onto another book. At the moment I'm reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I love it. I'll also be working voluntarily at a charity shop this Summer, starting soon, so that shall keep me busy too.

~~ just a reminder that my photos are always (c) to Candy Coated Fasion, don't steal ~~~

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Memories fade like looking through a fogged mirror

White shirt from charity shop, dress from H&M, vintage cardigan from H&M, creepers from eBay,
sunglasses from Snoopers Paradise, socks from Topshop, tights idk.

Here are some photos taken in the park yesterday, hope you like :-) I haven't worn this dress in ages and I've had it for forever.. On this day it was really windy, but sunny, yet cold and I wasn't sure how to dress for the weather and ended up still being a bit too chilly for my liking and started to regret not bringing my hoodie. My dip-dyed hair is still here, yet fading gradually, even more so now, which is a little bit sad. I've got a Maths exam tomorrow and I'm freaking out a bit, it's for GCSE again and I'm afraid I'm just going to fail again as my brain will never have the maths bit. I feel it was a complete waste of time retaking my GCSE at college but oh wells, do wish me luck! I have another one on the 13th also. Praying for a miracle here aha.

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