Sunday, 10 June 2012

Memories fade like looking through a fogged mirror

White shirt from charity shop, dress from H&M, vintage cardigan from H&M, creepers from eBay,
sunglasses from Snoopers Paradise, socks from Topshop, tights idk.

Here are some photos taken in the park yesterday, hope you like :-) I haven't worn this dress in ages and I've had it for forever.. On this day it was really windy, but sunny, yet cold and I wasn't sure how to dress for the weather and ended up still being a bit too chilly for my liking and started to regret not bringing my hoodie. My dip-dyed hair is still here, yet fading gradually, even more so now, which is a little bit sad. I've got a Maths exam tomorrow and I'm freaking out a bit, it's for GCSE again and I'm afraid I'm just going to fail again as my brain will never have the maths bit. I feel it was a complete waste of time retaking my GCSE at college but oh wells, do wish me luck! I have another one on the 13th also. Praying for a miracle here aha.


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