Monday, 25 August 2014

You're looking rough and living strange

EARINGS: Brighton Lanes T-SHIRT: Primark SKIRT: Charity shop
JUJU JELLY SHOES: Topshop BRACELET: was a gift

Just a very casual slouchey outfit, not much to say about it! Still really ill so this is the last outfit I took photos of before I got this gross cold which I now think is the flu... fun! Just been taking it easy and relaxing with the cats, my coffee has yet again gone cold because of making a blog post, I should really stop doing that! Anyhoo ciao ciao, hope you like xx

Friday, 22 August 2014

Bad nights cause'n teenage blues

SUNGLASSES: H&M CHOKER: Claire's Acessories SOCKS: Topshop

First off, a huge thank you for my present that is this awesome cut-off vintage shirt from Blitz Vintage that my wonderful best friend Cristina (Chrissy Chrispy) got for me once I picked it out in the store she works at around my birthday time in June, I love it! Because of the way its cut I presume it used to be a baggy long-sleaved shirt as the sleaves are quite stringy and obviously cut - totally adding much edgyness ;) And because it's quite oversized it just makes it so easy to layer on top of things too which is great. Sometimes I'll wear it open with a cute crop-top underneath and it really can just make an outfit I think! The choker was also a gift from another best friend of mine, it didn't fit her neck and considering mine is abnormally tiny it fitted mine and yay! It's awesome.
So I think I've done this shoe and sock combo a few years ago on a blog post *bows head in shame*, I came across it kind of recently when searching for myself on Pinterest haha! You can view that here. Speaking of Pinterest if anyone would like to follow me on it, my account is :-) My Clothes/Shoes/Acessories Board has items to die for *_*

Hope you're all keeping well and enjoying the Summer!

Much love xx

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

In the valley of the dolls

DRESS: New Look VINTAGE LEVI JACKET & RINGS: Portobello Market
VINTAGE BAG: Brick Lane store JUJU JELLY SHOES & SOCKS: Topshop EARINGS: Forever 21

The weather was so gorgeous on this day that I didn't really need the jacket after all, but I guess I pretty much always carry jackets with me, even on the hottest of days as I know what British weather can be like... soon enough the evenings will turn cold! Me and my best friend took these in the park after we got some lunch I believe, back when the days were really hot in July, which they're not so much anymore. I am sat here in bed typing this up with the most horrendous cold. Luckily I've got two other outfits photographed to upload until I am well enough to dress in something other than my PJs and a baggy jumper and start posing infront of a camera again. 'Till then I'm going to go watch movies for the rest of the day, sip at the remains of my coffee that has now turned cold, and continue on being a very lazy poorly bear. Au revoir!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Brain-dead and rattled, with the thoughts of you and I

TEE: Topshop DRESS: Primark TIGHTS: Camden Highstreet VINTAGE LEVI JACKET: Urban Outfitters
SHOES: New Look EARINGS: Brighton Lanes ALIEN NECKLACE: From when I was little

Hey guys! So waa-laaa here is my hair now without the blue/turquoise! I had to use a bleach and peroxide kit to get out the colour because no amount of colour strippers were doing the job and this was my last resource, so as you can imagine, it did get a lot more damaged sadly. Although to me it was worth damaging it, to get the desired white colour that I wanted! I was extreeemely bored of having it turquoise. My best friend and I spontaneously decided to dye it one day after an upsetting situation I encountered, it was my weird way of overcoming what had happened and feeling brand new again. As you may also tell I've had it cut since my last outfit post.. I miss the length like crazy, however I suppose it needed it because of the split ends and such.
On with the outfit! This dress I've had for absolutely ever, probably since I was about 12 or something crazy. So I thought, hey why am I keeping this when I never wear it? So to make sense of keeping it I put it on, made me feel so strange wearing it again when I would never usually as it's not my style anymore, but that day I was feeling it. This alien necklace is even more older than the dress, it's one of those proper 90s ones from the 20p machines. I have a thing for anything with aliens on so when I found it in my bedroom from tidying up I was one happy bunny! I'm back home now so it's nice to have more options of clothes and accessories compared to when I'm at uni.

Oh, yeah, and isn't my cat just the CUTEST! =^.^=
Had to include her in some of the pics :3

Monday, 11 August 2014

Lazy Oaf x Garfield Launch

I totally forgot about doing this post. These were taken back in April but still I want to share with you guys my photos as it was a really cool event. It had the real life versions of their quirky colourful sets from their lookbook for their Garfield collection inside, full of paper plants, fluffy cushions and comic strip-inspired furnishings, with the models from the lookbook posing beside them. The event was held in East London's Hoxton Arches and included at the back a room with a bar with some food, little mini snacks of lasagna and pancakes, and drinks that were different types of cocktails. Also of course this event included rails of the clothes in which you could buy anything from the collection. I had a great time and also got a cute Lazy Oaf x Garfield goodybag/totebag at the end which included a signature from Jim Davis inside, pretty neat!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Forever in a dream, you'll never be alone

DRESS: Charity shop PLATFORMS: Y.R.U

Here's the last outfit I'm going to post from the Occult shoot I modelled for! Hope y'all like this last and final look from it! My next post will have a little bit more colours rather than all black, haha I have not turned goth from this shoot... Although inside I have a little goth in me at heart... I'll never be able to resist black entirely! However I think it's always fun to throw in some colour here and there into my outfits! Next post will be more recent photos with my white hair ^,^ 'Til then I shall leave you with some CRIM3S :) ...

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