Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Brain-dead and rattled, with the thoughts of you and I

TEE: Topshop DRESS: Primark TIGHTS: Camden Highstreet VINTAGE LEVI JACKET: Urban Outfitters
SHOES: New Look EARINGS: Brighton Lanes ALIEN NECKLACE: From when I was little

Hey guys! So waa-laaa here is my hair now without the blue/turquoise! I had to use a bleach and peroxide kit to get out the colour because no amount of colour strippers were doing the job and this was my last resource, so as you can imagine, it did get a lot more damaged sadly. Although to me it was worth damaging it, to get the desired white colour that I wanted! I was extreeemely bored of having it turquoise. My best friend and I spontaneously decided to dye it one day after an upsetting situation I encountered, it was my weird way of overcoming what had happened and feeling brand new again. As you may also tell I've had it cut since my last outfit post.. I miss the length like crazy, however I suppose it needed it because of the split ends and such.
On with the outfit! This dress I've had for absolutely ever, probably since I was about 12 or something crazy. So I thought, hey why am I keeping this when I never wear it? So to make sense of keeping it I put it on, made me feel so strange wearing it again when I would never usually as it's not my style anymore, but that day I was feeling it. This alien necklace is even more older than the dress, it's one of those proper 90s ones from the 20p machines. I have a thing for anything with aliens on so when I found it in my bedroom from tidying up I was one happy bunny! I'm back home now so it's nice to have more options of clothes and accessories compared to when I'm at uni.

Oh, yeah, and isn't my cat just the CUTEST! =^.^=
Had to include her in some of the pics :3


  1. I love your new hair! Really love your outfit today as well, the skirt and top go so well together

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love your style you look super cool and edgy and the hair is just right for you!

    Much love xxx

  3. This outfit looks very good !
    I like the dress and the acesoires.. :)
    Nice combination !


  4. white hair suits you nicely! xx


  5. Wow!! You look amazing in this outfit. Great way to style with a printed dress! I just love entire ensemble. I would love to buy such a lovely dress for my upcoming corporate events. Thanks for the idea!


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