Sunday, 10 August 2014

Forever in a dream, you'll never be alone

DRESS: Charity shop PLATFORMS: Y.R.U

Here's the last outfit I'm going to post from the Occult shoot I modelled for! Hope y'all like this last and final look from it! My next post will have a little bit more colours rather than all black, haha I have not turned goth from this shoot... Although inside I have a little goth in me at heart... I'll never be able to resist black entirely! However I think it's always fun to throw in some colour here and there into my outfits! Next post will be more recent photos with my white hair ^,^ 'Til then I shall leave you with some CRIM3S :) ...


  1. Wow I love that dress!! Can't believe it came from a charity shop, such a good find! :) xx
    The Mermaid Wardrobe

    1. Tell me about it!! Shame it's not mine haha xx

  2. Replies
    1. I know right! So jelly of my friend who found this beauty..

  3. I love this dress and your haircolour! <3

  4. Your hair is amazing! Love this dress!

    Emma x


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