Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lazy Oaf Winter '13 Launch in Store

On 3rd October I went with my friend to this Lazy Oaf Winter '13 Launch in their store on Carnaby Street. Since my last post of attending London Fashion Week I have actually officially moved back to London for university and so it's really cool that I can attend events like this casually without having to travel nearly as much as I used to by getting to London in the first place! So in which case hopefully I'll go to launches like this more regularly. I really love this collection, everything is very cutesy and bold, and I think the kitty designs are very adorable. I especially love the cat bralet, I think this is my favourite piece even though it's so hard to pick from all the awesome items!

It's really rainy in London right now and it's exactly 1am on the dot as I write this, so I'm thinking I should probably get some sleep soon and stop staying up till the morning but on the other hand at least tomorrow I don't have uni so I can get lie in! Hope everyone's keeping warm in this miserable weather, unless you're one of the lucky ones who are in sunshine all the time, in that case you don't need to keep up being warm! ;)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

London Fashion Week SS14: My Outfit Day 5

 Headband and necklace from Topshop, leather jacket and white shirt from charity shops, vintage red shirt from To Be Worn Again, skirt from Primark, tights from Portobello Market, vintage Dr Martens are hand-me-downs

On the final day of London Fashion Week I decided to make the bold statement of clashing colours, as I found that my red/orange shirt did clash with my pink hair and headband slightly but yet I quite liked this so decided it could work! I also wanted my bottom half to make a funky statement so what better way than to bring out le ol' cat tights! I adore these tights so much. Unfortunately once I was at a barbecue and there was a fire and one of the sparks flew onto my leg, creating a hole and ladder which sucks :-(
Anyhoo I enjoyed this day so much and had many people come up to me asking for photos which was really quite weird and surreal, made me feel famous! It's a shame I didn't get many contacts down to know where the photos were used so if you've come across me on any website, or if I'm on your website, I'd be really thankful if you shared the link below in the comments, that would be great!

Blogs I'm featured on from this day that I've found so far:

Sunday, 6 October 2013

London Fashion Week SS14: Street Style Day 5

Kavita Donkersley
Unknown pretty lady
Rosie Newton
A fashion journalist
Michael Moon
Kayla Hadlington
Cristina Criaco
Cristina Criaco & Kayla Hadlington
Kayla Hadlington & Myself
Hey guys! Here's some street style pics I took from the day I attended LFW. Everyones unique styles were so inspiring, I enjoyed looking at what everyone chose to wear on the final day. I took all of these photos except for the last one which was taken by my lovely best friend and blogger Cristina from Chrissy Chrispy. These first few photos were taken at Somerset House and then the last few were outside the Meadham Kirchoff fashion show by the Topshop tents.

Outfits photos of myself are on the way! Will most likely post them at some point tomorrow xoxo
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