Sunday, 10 June 2012

Memories fade like looking through a fogged mirror

White shirt from charity shop, dress from H&M, vintage cardigan from H&M, creepers from eBay,
sunglasses from Snoopers Paradise, socks from Topshop, tights idk.

Here are some photos taken in the park yesterday, hope you like :-) I haven't worn this dress in ages and I've had it for forever.. On this day it was really windy, but sunny, yet cold and I wasn't sure how to dress for the weather and ended up still being a bit too chilly for my liking and started to regret not bringing my hoodie. My dip-dyed hair is still here, yet fading gradually, even more so now, which is a little bit sad. I've got a Maths exam tomorrow and I'm freaking out a bit, it's for GCSE again and I'm afraid I'm just going to fail again as my brain will never have the maths bit. I feel it was a complete waste of time retaking my GCSE at college but oh wells, do wish me luck! I have another one on the 13th also. Praying for a miracle here aha.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Seventeenth Birthday Outfit

Vintage jacket from Portobello Market, jumpsuit from New Look,
tights from, creepers from eBay, glittery socks were my mums.

Yesterday was my 17th birthday and the day before this my best friend and I dip-dyed eachothers hair, well, we ended up doing it ourselves. I chose a colour called Tropical Green, it's a semi-permanent and already I feel it starting to fade and some bits are going a murky (still pretty) green colour. Overall I totally love it! Haven't dip-dyed since April 2010 and I'm glad I decided to do it again :-) Makes a change from my usual plain golden blonde hair. Anyway, I had to take pictures for you all to see and whilst doing this on my birthday I made lookbook/blog photos too of my outfit, the creepers were a birthday present that I asked for from my mum and I totally love them, white creepers are just as awesome as black and aren't they smart :D I also looove this velvet vintage jacket I bought off Portobello market for about £6 I think and it's so pretty with red and purple flowers that are outlined with gold, and it's quite puffy at the shoulders... so neat!

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