Thursday, 19 September 2013

Meadham Kirchoff Spring/Summer 2014

all images taken by me

 On Tuesday I managed to head up to London for the final day of London Fashion Week and get into a show that I'm happy to say was my first proper catwalk show I've seen. I enjoyed it so much, it was most definitely worth the big wait in the rain beforehand! Held in the Topshop tents in Regents Park I rushed to capture what would be my ultimate favourite SS14 collection that I've seen so far. I think the historical references, lace and ruffles, wide-brimmed hats and baloney curls all fitted to a magical elegance. Whilst watching this show I felt like I was going back in time, every piece was very Victorian/vintage which I adore and the patterns and details were also incredibly beautiful. Edward Meadham & Benjamin Kirchoff, hats off to you!

You can view the show on YouTube here.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Don't break my heart & I won't break your heart-shaped glasses

 Jumper from a charity shop, dress underneath and necklace from H&M,
tights from Primark, sunglasses from Urban Outfitters

Photos taken from 27th August. Hey guys! Finally got round to doing an outfit post with the new hair, yay! It has really faded to a baby pink now which I find pretty cute. Eight days from now I will be seeing Motionless In White and then 2 days later I move into my London dorm for uni! I'm so excited for both. I'll be studying a BA Photography course at a really good university and I'll be so busy going to Freshers parties before I start and various events in London, woo! It's a shame I haven't moved there already as I'd love to be there for London Fashion Week which starts today but oh well, there is always next year. Maybe I'll attend London Fashion Weekend instead, this year.

Hope everyone's good! Much love, Isabella xoxo

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