Thursday, 19 September 2013

Meadham Kirchoff Spring/Summer 2014

all images taken by me

 On Tuesday I managed to head up to London for the final day of London Fashion Week and get into a show that I'm happy to say was my first proper catwalk show I've seen. I enjoyed it so much, it was most definitely worth the big wait in the rain beforehand! Held in the Topshop tents in Regents Park I rushed to capture what would be my ultimate favourite SS14 collection that I've seen so far. I think the historical references, lace and ruffles, wide-brimmed hats and baloney curls all fitted to a magical elegance. Whilst watching this show I felt like I was going back in time, every piece was very Victorian/vintage which I adore and the patterns and details were also incredibly beautiful. Edward Meadham & Benjamin Kirchoff, hats off to you!

You can view the show on YouTube here.


  1. This is so wonderful! I love the patterns and textures, every piece is perfect <3

    1. Aww, thanks for your comment Jenn! Totally agree <3


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