Monday, 27 June 2011

Prom 24.06.11

Dress from Zara & shoes from Topshop

I had my prom on Friday! It was amazing! I had the best time with my friends and it was a lovely send off :)


Monday, 13 June 2011

Love of Vintage

Close-up Vintage
Love of Vintage Hats & More.
Jewellery Stool
New shades!
Plenty of hats, glorious hats.
The Tabernacle
Above; Mary-Kate Olsen Tee £16 & a lovely vintage pink bag with owl £5
Sunglasses from Primark, black top from Topshop, gold top given to me by mother,
shirt borrowed from mother!, skirt from Primark, tights from Primark, shoes are Dr Martens

Hello! I went shopping in Portobello Market to celebrate my 16th birthday which was on the 6th June! And I spent all my birthday money aha, it was great! Me and my best friend went up there on the 11th June and had a blast, the weather was lovely and sunny also and I found the most amazing items.
Things I bought:
Vintage Ralph Lauren denim shirt • 2 vintage silk shirts • vintage denim Levi shorts • 2 vintage bags • long black with red roses vintage skirt • MARY-KATE OLSEN tee!!! • heart shaped red sunglasses • black tights with cats on them - super cute.

Afterwards we went up to Oxford Street but by then I had no money so couldn't buy anything else, but it was nice to look around... and watch my friend buy stuff...!

I'm nearly done with school for good now, only one more exam to go, whoo! Which is on 20th, then I am free! Bring on Summer baby. Also, I'm going to a Kaiser Cheifs gig in Camden Highstreet on Thursday, pretty excited for that! Will take pictures! ;-)

Love .x.x.x

P.S. photos are copyright and all that shizz, no taking... or I will get on to you 0_0

Thursday, 2 June 2011

You keep on talking but it makes no sense at all.

Sunglasses from Primark, top from New Look, hoodie is Criminal Damage,
jeans are vintage, tights from Primark, shoes are Dr Martens. 
Hello! So yesturday I went out to this place that had a garden centre and so many pretty flowers, it was lovely. The first 2 photos I took on the beach on 27th May though (so a different time!).
It's my birthday in 5 days (6th June), going to be my sweet sixteen! :-) My Vivienne Westwood designed People Tree T-shirt dress arrived but I'm not going to open it until my actual birthday on Monday. After that I'll take some photos of me wearing it and post it up on here.
Hope you're all well, I'm on half term so I don't have to go in for school this week. Next week though, I have to go in for my 2 Maths exams, the first one is on my birthday! UGH. The second one is on the 10th, wish me luck because I suck at Maths!!! I guess I don't have that part of the brain, aha. I also have to go in for my Dance written exam on the 8th :-/ And attend the classes that I have exams for, my other exam after the Maths & Dance is just Media Studies... 20th June.
Anyway, I really should start studying... blah.

Much love & peace as always xoxoxoxox
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