Friday, 25 April 2014


These photos were taken on 27th Feb back when my good friend Naddy Sane’s first few copies of her new designed t-shirt had just come in and she asked me to model it with her. The t-shirt is based up of two parts, first being the front where it has an ace of spades background along with Naddy’s handwritten text which reads 'Curiosity Only Led The Cat to Wonderland' with awesome physchedelic colours and feel. The back of the t-shirt is electric yellowey green displaying 'I Tea' which is just super cute because it shows a hint of Naddy’s personality in it, as everyone who knows Naddy knows she loves tea ^.^ For our shoot we started out being infront of a garage and then moved on to Westminster Bridge where is was super cold for a t-shirt and we got many stares and tourists and people taking our picture! It was strange but quite funny too...

Here are some NaddyLand links!!

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