Sunday, 3 February 2013

My Lilac Hair.

These photographs were all taken within the time I dyed my hair lilac on the 6th January. The first photo is from when I dyed it the first time with Directions in Lilac and the rest are after I dyed it again using Stargazer in Violet. I had dyed it again because the lilac colour in the Directions dye wasn't strong enough to dye my darker bits of blonde and so it was mainly the top half of my hair that was covered! I figured if I bought a darker purple dye and left it on for a short amount of time it would make these darker bits of blonde appear lilac, in the mean time the rest of my hair was quite a darker purple colour so I washed it a few times for it to eventually go lighter - more lilac like I originally wanted, yay! I like both purple and lilac hair though so I was pleased with having both. Nearly a month has gone by now and my hair has faded to very pale lilac with a lot of blonde showing through.

This was the first time dying my whole hair a cool colour and I'd definitely do it again! I really want to redye it purple again soon actually as I'm rather annoyed at myself for getting no proper outfit Lookbook photos done whilst having this hair, so I want to get that in the next time I do it. You see recently I've been so busy trying to get my Photography unit sorted and I'm yet to go on university interviews so everything is rather busy in my life at the moment!

All photos are taken from my Instagram, do give me a follow if you want! XoXo
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