Sunday, 27 November 2011


Cardigan is my mother's, sleeveless top from Topshop, jeans from Primark

Cardigan from a stool, denim shirt is vintage Ralph Lauren, skirt from Primark, tights idk, socks from Topshop

On the 8th November I ordered these fabulous Doc Marten shoes off eBay, they are pastel mint green and were bough brand new out of my savings, it was a bargain as normally these shoes would be nearly £100 (probs) but I bought them for £40! They are so worth it, they're really comfy and go with most outfits, I like to also team them up with cute special socks! I'm planning on getting white frilly socks since seeing a photo on Tumblr with a girl wearing the same shoes with them, see here.
Sorry I don't post that much, I would love to post more on this blog but I am really busy with college at the moment, I have lines to learn and lots Photography sketchwork to be done so I better get doing that now actually *.*
All photos are mine and are (c) copyright to me, don't use anywhere else. Thank you.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Charlotte Free is an 18 year old model from LA, she was discovered in an arcade. I think there is something very special and unique about her and I couldn't not write a post on her! She is very friendly and writes back to fans, whilst also sharing fan art they send to her, on her Tumblr. She loves aliens and UFOs and says her style has pretty much stayed the same since she was about 3 years old! Vivienne Westwood must love her too as she chose Charlotte to open her Red Label Collection at London Fashion Week! I'm forever inspired by this girls photos and what she wears.. and don't you just love her iconic pink hair?! She is also undeniably beautiful and I think she is only going to get bigger and bigger in the modelling industry, although she has said that when she's done with modelling she wants to do music (electronic) :)
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