Monday, 28 May 2012

I can see through you and I don't get it

 On Friday 25th May my best friend and I went up to London to see The Horrors at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London. Before The Horrors came on there were 3 support acts; Toy, Beak and another band that made up of 3 Japanese women who sung hardcore rock in Japanese haha, it was a bit mental! Then the moment I saw Faris Badwan (dude above) I was extremely excited! I had been waiting for this moment a long time! Throughout the gig I was second row and it was so great being that close to them :D I really love the music from The Horrors and hearing it live makes it so much more special. Unfortunately the after party at Brixton Jam was 18+ so we couldn't go to it. The Horrors would of been there again and I'm pretty sure I read Orlando Bloom aswell?! Weird! Sucks we missed out. We'd also stayed after for a bit in the hope of meeting them when they come out for a bit but then we had to leave after about half an hour to get the tube back, but I really hope I will get to meet them another time in the future.

The outfit photos and photo of the union jack flags on Oxford St. were taken the next day. I would post more photos from the gig but they are all just cloudy, this was one of the clearest and I've just quickly went wack with Photoshop and created this montage effect hehe, as you dooo.

Outfit: Sunglasses from Snoopers Paradise, floral top from Jane Norman, velvet shorts from Urban Outfitters, bag from Select (?), fishnet tights from tights shop in Camden, frilly socks from Topshop, creepers from eBay.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

As the shadow looms over

 Hoodie from Primark, recycled vintage shirt from Portobello Market, vintage Levi shots from Camden, tights from I don't know hehe, knee-high socks from TK Maxx, boots are Dr Martens

Finally I have had the chance to do another outfit post, I had some time to spare the other day before college to snap a few outfit photos in the garden. At one point my camera fell down the fence I was leaning it on and I freaked because I couldn't reach down to get it, I had to grab a nearby stick to reach it out and I'm still to scared to examine my camera for scratches! Oh dear. Anyway, that day I went to college and a few people commented on how nice I looked so I then thought how it was a good job I took photos before hehe. People are always really sweet about what I wear at college and the compliments really make me happy to wear whatever I want as I know people admire and like what I wear, it's very nice! I have only worn this shirt the one time *shameful face*, and that was at my graduation when I left school.. I should really wear it more, but I admit, I did forget about it ... now I'm glad I'm wearing it again.

Here is a photo that was taken of myself and blogger K Is For Kani when I got to meet her on the 14th April last month! She had travelled to London from Australia after becoming a finalist (down from 16) of ASOS Future Stylist 2012, it rounded up to her and another fashion blogger that were competing and the public got to vote who they wanted on ASOS's Facebook. They were in London for about a week and a bit I think, so we arranged to meet up and here we are on Oxford Street! Kani is and has been one of my favourite fashion bloggers for a long time so it was absolutely awesome to meet and spend time with her before she went back to Australia the next day :)
I am proud to say she ended up winning! Read her post here.

Aiden Grimshaw - Is This Love

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

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