Tuesday, 12 March 2013

You were bigger & brighter & wider than snow

Beanie hat from Primark, vintage white shirt & jumper from charity shops,
vintage army jacket from Rokit London, jegging jeans from River Island, Vintage Dr. Martens from eBay

Hey guys, since my last post of having lilac hair my hair had faded and gone back to blonde without me getting any outfit photos in! I decided this couldn't be and dyed it again a couple days ago :3 These pictures were taken today in the park after yesterday being a total snow blizzard outside the sun had come up to melt a load of it away. I like snow to look at but when you have to go out in it snowing up a storm on a 40 minute walk to college and back, it is no fun. Today however my college was closed because of it. It was so random to have snow again (we had some in January) as it is now March and it was beginning to feel like Spring until then aha, but that's British weather for you - always so unprecitable. Anyhoo I hope you like this outfit and my hair! ^.^ Much love xoxo

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