Saturday, 31 March 2012

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

Here is an outfit I wore to a college party :-) Recently I ordered these creepers off eBay and they arrived about 3 days later and I was like FINALLY I HAVE CREEPERS! Next I would like white ones >:) But gosh, colour ones are pretty awesome too. Also I've finally got the chance to wear my Topshop legging-y things, they shine all colours of the rainbow hehe, I love them, worth the £20 I spent on them <3

Coldplay - Yellow

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Loving Strangers

Levi jacket from charity shop, cardigan from stool in Portobello, tights from Portobello Market, jumper from charity shop, butterfly necklace from Primark, shorts & backpack from Urban Outfitters, socks from TJ-Hughs, sunglasses from Primark, boots are Dr. Martens.

In these first two photos I used the AV setting on my camera to capture light streams and have the shutter speed set automatically to about 1 second, this captured movement and light in really interesting ways, and gave a panning effect in some. I took much more of these sorts of photos, of my friend for my Photography, and they are really cool, but I just want this post to show a short selection of photos that have been taken recently... So I then bring you to a pic of myself and friends at the beach! Recently me and my friends from my Acting class have become really close, we've been out to the park twice this week, then had a BBQ party (the photos of me in purple jacket), then to finish off, yesterday on a lovely Friday evening, 5 of us went to an American diner and had dinner whilst having lots of laughs and chats on the night before. I've loved these past few days, the sun really helps too because it's stayed out and it really feels like Spring now!

Russian Red - Loving Strangers

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sweet Disposition

Jumper from a charity shop, leggings from Primark, bracelet bands from Topshop.
Here's an outfit I shoved together on a really cold miserable 3rd March day. Previously the few days before it was such lovely Spring, even Summer-like weather... but I didn't have enough energy to take photos on these days, typically. I must have been quite tired. I went and met up with a friend I hadn't seen in a while with another friend and it was a really good day, we went around the shops, I bought lots of chocolate, these bands and a headband. My friend bought some American sweets from Cyber Candy. The sun happily did greet us eventually. The photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in April's issue of Elle was taken today as I bought Mary-Kate's when coming back from college ^.^ and my mum got Ashley when she surprisingly texted me saying she had bought it for me and hoped that I don't already have it. Which is fabulous as I was going to get Ashley's cover too, tomorrow, now I don't have to! My mum is totally aware of my Olsen obsession so she knew that I had most likely heard about them being on the cover already haha, very true. They look gorgeous in it, I am so happy that they are finally on the front cover of something again, that I can get in the UK!

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

Friday, 2 March 2012

Late February

Thought I'd share with you some recent photos of mine :-) The ones with the patterns were taken by a friend in Photography, we were experimenting portraits in the studio and created the textured effects by using a projector and coloured/patterned filters and the shadows double exposure effect using a low shutter speed. In the pink one I got rid of my shadow with Photoshop because it looks better without. I've also added photos of me in the park when coming back from a charity shop spree after college (I bought 3 jumpers - success) - the one of me and the trees background was a quick snapshot meant for lookbook but it's not clear enough (you can barely see my outfit), so I'm not going to put it on, tis just for my blog readers :-) The reason I didn't take more is because I was by myself and there were people around and when I put my camera on timer it beeps kinda loud xD I was paranoid that people were watching me taking photos of myself lol, they must think "what a strange girl" bahahaha. Oh and I've added a beach photo too because the sky was purrrty, I took that before seeing The Woman In Black, which by the way, isn't scary... I don't get scared at movies easily and I don't get why many people get so scared by it, it's a 12 for goodness sake! Still, I enjoyed the film nevertheless. I've also seen the play of it last year for Drama, which I kept falling asleep to - oops, I didn't really enjoy it. Film is better.

Pegasus Bridge - Yoko
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