Saturday, 24 March 2012

Loving Strangers

Levi jacket from charity shop, cardigan from stool in Portobello, tights from Portobello Market, jumper from charity shop, butterfly necklace from Primark, shorts & backpack from Urban Outfitters, socks from TJ-Hughs, sunglasses from Primark, boots are Dr. Martens.

In these first two photos I used the AV setting on my camera to capture light streams and have the shutter speed set automatically to about 1 second, this captured movement and light in really interesting ways, and gave a panning effect in some. I took much more of these sorts of photos, of my friend for my Photography, and they are really cool, but I just want this post to show a short selection of photos that have been taken recently... So I then bring you to a pic of myself and friends at the beach! Recently me and my friends from my Acting class have become really close, we've been out to the park twice this week, then had a BBQ party (the photos of me in purple jacket), then to finish off, yesterday on a lovely Friday evening, 5 of us went to an American diner and had dinner whilst having lots of laughs and chats on the night before. I've loved these past few days, the sun really helps too because it's stayed out and it really feels like Spring now!

Russian Red - Loving Strangers


  1. followed your blog! love it :) do you think you could follow back? would love my blog to be as good as yours x

  2. Great photos! I adore your backpack<3 Now following your lovely blog, I'd love it if you followed mine back


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