Friday, 2 March 2012

Late February

Thought I'd share with you some recent photos of mine :-) The ones with the patterns were taken by a friend in Photography, we were experimenting portraits in the studio and created the textured effects by using a projector and coloured/patterned filters and the shadows double exposure effect using a low shutter speed. In the pink one I got rid of my shadow with Photoshop because it looks better without. I've also added photos of me in the park when coming back from a charity shop spree after college (I bought 3 jumpers - success) - the one of me and the trees background was a quick snapshot meant for lookbook but it's not clear enough (you can barely see my outfit), so I'm not going to put it on, tis just for my blog readers :-) The reason I didn't take more is because I was by myself and there were people around and when I put my camera on timer it beeps kinda loud xD I was paranoid that people were watching me taking photos of myself lol, they must think "what a strange girl" bahahaha. Oh and I've added a beach photo too because the sky was purrrty, I took that before seeing The Woman In Black, which by the way, isn't scary... I don't get scared at movies easily and I don't get why many people get so scared by it, it's a 12 for goodness sake! Still, I enjoyed the film nevertheless. I've also seen the play of it last year for Drama, which I kept falling asleep to - oops, I didn't really enjoy it. Film is better.

Pegasus Bridge - Yoko


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