Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer's in the air and baby, heaven's in your eyes

Here are some photos that were taken recently with my film camera :) I hope you like <3
I've now finished my first year of sixth form college and am on my Summer holidays. I really look forward to doing more outfit posts in my spare time and sharing more photography with you - get this blog extremely active like it should be! I'd like this Summer to be a very productive one, where I can get my motivation back up and be as creative as possible, in the art aspects. I plan on going out and about as much as possible, meeting new people and taking regular visits to the beach to collect my thoughts whilst people watch, sipping at whatever Starbucks beverage takes my fancy :-) My Summer read is going to be The Virigin Suicides which I bought recently, morbid I know, but apparently it is good so I don't mind. When I've finished with that I shall move onto another book. At the moment I'm reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I love it. I'll also be working voluntarily at a charity shop this Summer, starting soon, so that shall keep me busy too.

~~ just a reminder that my photos are always (c) to Candy Coated Fasion, don't steal ~~~


  1. I love your sunnies!

  2. really lovely pictures!


  3. I love your hair with blue in! Great post :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  4. Adorable photos, lovely post!

    Emma x

  5. Cool sunnies and gorgeous hair!!


  6. gorgeous gorgeous hair!

  7. cool photos, love the outfits! xx

  8. Thank you soooo much everyone, for these lovely comments! xxxx


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