Thursday, 22 December 2011


Walking In The Air - Instrumental
t-shirt from portobello road, shorts are vintage from camden, necklace is new look.
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Hoodie from Camden - Criminal Damage, T-shirt from Select I believe, shorts are vintage from Camden, bag from Barratts, purple leggings are old Idk were from, socks are from TK Maxx [Soho London brand], shoes are Dr Martens.

Christmas has come early for me as I ordered a Canon 550d off eBay, it came early and I wanted to check it to see if everything was okay and basically I want to be able to use it on actual Christmas day and know how to use it properly by then, ahh it's so cool :3 All the photos above are taken with it. In the last few I took out a couple items that I've had since about 12 at least, that would be the T-shirt and the leggings - I keep things even if I never wear them, just incase! I think they look quite good considering they could look very childish if I teamed them slightly differently. I like a bright outfit on a glum day, and to cheer my mood. These socks are super cute, I got them the other day... they have floral grey print on either side of the leg and they came with a grey pair too. Merry Christmas everyone! Love, Isabella xoxo


  1. Love your style is very unique!!! I also love your photography really cool!!! Hope you could follow me back

  2. Nice outfit! I love the purple thigts :) YOu look great as always!! You have a super cute cat <3



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