Thursday, 2 December 2010

I Go Back To December All The Time ♫

December Issue of great magazines! Here are 3 of mine.

A Chocolate Advent Calender! Mine's Hello Kitty :-)

Hot drinks! E.g. hot chocolate & coffee <3

Frosty nail varnishes! In colours such as; blue, green, white.

Snuggly slippers to keep totsies warm!

Photos copyright to me, please don't take/use anywhere else. Thank you.

Hey guys! It is now December so here is a little post of the essential things I like to have during this time. I would have done more but some things I couldn't find and I didn't want to make this post too long for ya'll.

British winters are ever so cold, it's been snowing so much! Hopefully, photos to come shortly in my next post :-) The good thing about snow is the days off school, the sledging, snow angels, snow men/women and it's pretty in general!
Bad things include; slippery ice after, freezing coldness, buses and trains not running in some cases.


Taylor Swift - Back To December (pitched)


  1. lovely post.
    and back to december is such a lovely, lovely song.

  2. I like your post :) Taylor Swift is wonderful, Back to December is a lovely song!! I am not following you! Could you follow me back?


  3. Greer- Thank you :) I agree x
    Hillary- Thanks! Yep & yep! I love it. Cheers for following, I'm very grateful. I will indeed, follow you back x

  4. Hello, sweetie!
    I really love the cup with Marilyn!
    thank you for your visit and for following back.
    I'm happy that now we follow each other!
    see you soon in your amazing blog!

  5. Hey!
    Thanks :) I love it too!
    No problem, thank you aswell.
    Yeah it's good :D
    Hehe, see you soon in yours!

  6. Cheers! The mother got them for me ^.^


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