Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve :: Outfit of The Day

 White jumper (collar showing): Unknown, Primark jumper, Topshop MOTO shorts,
Primark tights (I'm wearing two pairs!!), Treds shoes, Primark bag

Today I went to Brighton to do some last minute Christmas shopping - typical me, doing it on Christmas Eve!
Anyway, I got presents for my family and a present for the friend I went shopping with.
Had a lovely time and even sneekly bought myself a present! A vintage shirt that was only £3. I love it.
It's red, oversized and long. Amazing.

Again I wish all my readers a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Or just a great day in general for the people who don't celebrate Christmas ;-) !


P.S. the best Christmas present you guys could give me is a Google Follow! :D
Bloglovin follows are also welcome ;) Hehe.


  1. abs loving this outfit! and happy holidays!:))

  2. Merry Christmas babe! You look amazing here! Love this post and love your blog! Definitely following! I would love it if you would follow mine as well!

    Love from,

  3. you have such beautiful legs!
    lovely outfit too! ;)
    merry christmas!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  4. Merry Christmas - I'm your newest follower haha!

    Love the leggings under the jean shorts, makes perfect for winter. Also, love your blog!

  5. great outfit!!!!
    Marry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas! Got that jumper too! In fact I'm wearing it right now ;) Great blog. Love your Pretty Reckless tee as well

  7. merry xmas!
    lovely outfit!

  8. belated merry christmas to you too! loving the look, especially the sweater.

  9. Hi dear!
    Thanks for your comment and for passing by! I follow you with Google xx

  10. Hi there,
    how are you? Have some nice holidays!

    Lovely blog!
    &. maybe we can follow eachother?

    + join my GIVEAWAY! (Last days)

    Kind regards, Valerie


  12. you look so cute! loving the sweater!
    p.s. following you on google :) Merry Christmas girl!

  13. Cute outfit!!!! Merry christmas and happy 2011!!!!
    Great blog by the way!
    You can check out mine, though we are in different seasons since I am from Argentina and we are in summer time right now. Still, great source of inspiration!!

  14. love your shorts! and thank you for your sweet comment!

    ashley <3

  15. oh, thank you.. of course i'll follow you back.
    i liked your tights, but here in Brazil is really warm on xmas :/

  16. You look AMAZING!
    Following, love if you'd follow me back!
    Sabrina O.

  17. those tights look warm!! cute sweater :) following xo

  18. Hey Ho!
    Your blog is great and I love your style!Your eyes are amazing, I'm glad that I've visited yours.
    Visit me back and maybe we can follow eachother if you like to? :)


  19. Nice vintage sweater! I think it suites you very well. Love your passion for fashion :)

  20. i absolutely love your jumper!!
    ^check out my new blog :D
    many thanks

  21. hello you, how are you? great blog, you´re so creativ. i follow you, please check out my blog <3

  22. Eden- Thanks! Happy holidays to you too :)

    Raeshelle- Merry (belated) Christmas to you too! Awh, thanks so much! And thanks alot for the follow, of course I'll follow you back! Love <3

    Caludia- Thank you! Merry belated Christmas! :)

    Aida- Merry belated Christmaaas :D Oh that's cool :) Hehe I love it! Awh, thanks very much.

    Lisanne- Merry belated Christmas ^.^

    Victoire- Thanks! Awh, thank yooou <3

    Glamour Bbey- Hey there, that's no problem. Thank you for yours and passing by again :) Also, I appreciate your follow xx

    Screamyourfeelingsout- Hey, I'm pretty well thanks, how about you? Hope you have a nice holiday too :)
    Thanks! Of course we can follow eachother, I'll follow asap. And I'll look out for that giveaway :)

    Sara- Aww, thank you :)

    Larissa- Eep, thank you! :)
    And thanks alot for the follow, I'm going to follow you back :D x

    CandeS- Thanks!! And you!
    Thank you, glad you like it ^.^
    Awh, that doesn't matter, of course I'll check out yours. Strange to think you are in Summer right now ;) Gotta admit, I'm a little bit jealous! x

    purse 'n boots- Thanks! That's no problem Ashley, thanks for yours :) xx

    Niko's view- Thank youuuu.

    Violetta- Awww, thanks!
    Love you too :D <3

    Agora tô pronta- Taaa :) Awh, well the warmth must be lovely - it's too cold here! >.< Haha.

    Sabrina O.- Wow, thanks! :D
    Of course I will follow you back, thanks alot for following me xx

    Abigail- Thanks very much :)
    Yes, they were pretty warm, especially as I was wearing another pair of tights underneath! Haha.. so that could have been why I was warm.. Hmm :) xo

    The Glory Beats- Hey ho! ;)
    Awh, thank you very very much! You're too kind :)
    Of course we can follow eachother, no prob xoxo

    Lyana- Thank you! Glad you think so :) Awh, yes, my passion is huuuge.

    Blog 312- Thankssss!
    Sure, I will be doing that shortly :) xx

    Verena- Helloo, I'm good thanks, how about you?
    Awh, thanks so much, glad you think so!
    Thanks so much for following, I will being checking out your blog in a bit! <3


  23. I love this outfit!! Great style!! I'd love it if you could stop by my blog sometime! Follow if you like, I'll happily follow back!!:)xx

  24. Georgia- Thanks! x

    Giuli- Thank you very much! :)
    Of course, I'll do that right away! & I shall follow you too :) xx

  25. Your blog is lovely & this outfit looks stunning on you!!

  26. this outfit is so cute, like that sweet pullover , so cosy x
    feel free to follow my blog and i will follow you back
    kisses from Belgium


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