Wednesday, 10 November 2010

We've Got Obsessions

Price: £42
Price: £94
Leather Sleeve Teddy Jacket
Price: £200
Price: £75

Gloverall Duffle Coat
Price: £249
Heart Over The Knee Tights
Price: £10

So I was in class today on one of the computers browsing through the dreamy Urban Outfitters website. It gave me the idea to post some of what I like on here and share it with you guys! I love these items alot - especially the Minkpink Floral Velvet Blazer! I adoreee the detail and the fabric looks so lovely (though being velvet, of course it would be!). I'm also dying for the first dress which is also velvet, I think velvet is quite in fashion this Autumn/Winter, I've seen it quite alot. Anyway, the colour is just beautiful and I love love love it. Shame it's £40 though, I'm going to be on the look out for look-a-likes that are cheaper ;) !

Anyway, I'm hoping to do another 'outfit of the day' sort of post again soon. But with school and everything I haven't really had the chance neither have my outfits been very exciting at the weekends...

I'm applying for college soon! I did my application form today so will hand it in tomorrow probably. I've picked Photography & Performing Arts ... and Maths GCSE (FORCED TO DO). I need the Maths because you need an A-C grade in it to be able to do Photography/PA :S STUPID much?! But if I don't manage to get those things (due to my poor Maths or the other thing to do with my grades), I'll get my second choice (lets hope) which will be Art and Design (which apparently has photography included! Yaaay).


Marina and the Diamonds - Obsessions


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