Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Taylor Momsen, November/December Issue of Wonderland Magazine

I love these photos of Taylor Momsen from her photoshoot with Wonderland magazine.
Aren't they beautiful?

Photo source + interview here.
In the interview she talks Gossip Girl, her band The Pretty Reckless, modelling
and how she feels to be seen as a role model.

"the best role model anyone can be is to just be themselves – that’s the coolest thing you can be – and not give a shit what anyone else would say about you because it really doesn’t matter."
P.S. you may have realised I have a new design layout! Hope you all like it, I think it looks more professional? But I still had to keep a little touch of pink to add to the 'CandyCoated' effect! Didn't seem right when I tried the all white look as much as I love that too.

Thank you for reading!

26th November
EDIT: I bought it today after coming back from a night at the pictures (saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1!). This magazine is awwwesome, really lovely. Recommended!!


  1. amazing blog! i will be following in the future.
    Feel free to check out my blog and my vintage store!


  2. lust lust lusting this post!! We have a slight obsession with Taylor! Def gonna check out the interview! Now following you here and on bloglovin'


  3. Very Beautiful! And the layout of your blog is great!!

  4. Lauren- Thanks alot! Heh, how comes not now? ;) But thanks again if you do <3
    Sure I will check then both out!

    Emily- Yay! Awesome, me too! I've met her and seen her play live and she is just amazing :')
    Thank you sooo much sweetie, for following on both! I'm going to follow you back on them :D I love yours and your friends blog, you both live such amazing lifestyles!

    Charlene- Thanks!!


  5. taylor is one of my fave gossip girl actors! along with blake lively <3

  6. Mine too! And Blake also :) <3
    & Leighton! Haha.
    But mainly Taylor :D

  7. the new layout is great.. & thats a pretty true comment from taylor.
    i used to love taylor.. but im afraid that her raccoon eyes & her attitude is really starting to tick me off!x

  8. Thank you, glad you like it!
    Yes, I also prefer the old Taylor to what she is like now. Although she creates amazing music now and her style is still fabulous. Inside, it's still the same girl :) And she seemed pretty friendly when I met her! x


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