Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Time Pictures

30th October, Brighton Zombie Walk
Me and 2 of my friends went to the Brighton Zombie Walk (parade), the other day. It's a day were thousands of people can dress up as zombies and do a massive group walk from Brighton Station to Brighton beach. There where over 2000 people and lots of people put masses of effort into their costumes and props. Unfortuantly I didn't go to much extreme with my appearance but oh well, it was lots of fun. Here are some pictures from the day...
Hope my friend doesn't mind herself being on here :p

Getting ready photos

T Shirt (XL!!!) - Tesco
(I cut it up and added red lipstick to it).
Lacey dress - Unknown
Belt - Unknown
Tights - New Look
Jumper - Unknown

The parade

photos (c) to me, click for full size.
if you're in one of them and want me to take it down,
don't hesitate to comment below! Ahaha.

After this I went to my friends Halloween Sleepover Party but didn't take any pictures. That was also, alot of fun. There were 8 of us and we all watched Thriller and Horror movies, including Disturbia and House Of Wax.

31st October, Trick or Treating
On Halloween I went to my friends house and in total there were 4 of us, my friends wanted to go Trick or Treating so we done that, got lots of sweets... I was thinking that we're probably a bit old for Trick or Treating but my friends thought otherwise haha.

~~~Happy Halloween~~~


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