Thursday, 5 June 2014

London Fashion Week Day 3 Outfit

Dress: Lazy Oaf Vintage jacket: charity shop Mary Jane Platforms: UNIF Sunglasses: Primark

Last February London Fashion Week blog post! This was the last day of lfw I attended and wow this outfit got the most attention of them all, so many people snapped me in my beloved bones dress that I bought back in a Lazy Oaf store sale for only £10, such a bargain considering it would have been £65. I love to wear this dress on a night out but it's also fun to dress it up casually for the day, like here in my oversized jacket, teamed with these platorms that are like a size too small and killer to walk in! I bought them online so didn't know my size would fit my feet so small :( Originally I was going to take them back and swap them for a size up but I couldn't resist wearing them for fashion week so there goes that idea... ha! Literally towered over everyone in these as I'm 5'9" and these add an extra 5 inches! Crazy. Anyhoo I hope you all like it!


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    1. Haha cool good for you, don't advertise on my blog please.

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