Sunday, 16 February 2014


Leather jacket is my friends, hoody is Dirty Harry's, t-shirt is Urban Outfitters,
leggings and socks are Topshop, tights are Primark, creepers are New Look.

So here are the photos I'm finally posting from New Years Eve! It's taken me a while but got there in the end. These outfit photos of myself and Ryan were taken at the beginning of the night on our way to warehouse parties, when my make-up was still in tact and my fake eyelashes were yet to be ruined! This night was an incredible and memorable night and I wish I could relive it, or at least remember it better. I ended up getting heavily drunk which naturally makes you forget a lot, then ended the night by passing out on my friends sofa whilst everyone else was still partying on around me. One thing I do remember of the night was one manic warehouse party we went to where it was so packed and there was even a swing up in the air that I saw some woman swinging on above me, later on a man asked me if I wanted to go on the swing and I think I just got completely scared off and ran away. I wish now that I had the guts and was sober enough to have gone on that swing eheh, it looked like it would have been rather fun.


  1. Yuo're outfit it's super cool :)
    Very nice blog!
    Keep doing this awesome work

  2. Babe, I nominated you to take part in the Liebster Award tag game xxxx

  3. I don't know if my previous comment worked so ill repeat :) thanks/no thanks for showing me the video- I honestly look like a right idiot he's edited out a lot of what I said which I knew would happen ha ha. You come off well :)
    I love this look and the photography- I thought it was a magazine feature! And I always end up sleeping at parties too x

    1. Haha oh I'm sorry love! I just presumed you'd want to see it as you mentioned about it on your blog, and I thought you'd be curious to what they did show. I wouldn't worry about it, I don't think you come across as an idiot, I think you came across really funny in my opinion! :) Aw thanks very much!! Hehe bless us x

  4. that jacket is really gorgeous & you are a beaut! xx
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