Thursday, 13 February 2014


Denim jacket from Portobello Market, Vintage Renewal shirt from Urban Outfitters,
Disco Pants from Primark, Vintage Dr Marens are hand-me-downs

19th October 2013 myself and my best friend Ryan went to "Brutal London" Underground Art Exhibition. It was incredible, my absolute favourite exhibition I've ever been to, so quirky and different from any other one I've seen before. Everything was very creepy and grungy and each corner you turned you'd find yourself amongst live actors in gas masks walking around whilst you hear the sound of pipes dripping everywhere.
The exhibition was described by hypebeast as it "takes your most cringe-worthy thoughts and renders them in the imaginably claustrophobia-inducing space of a dilapidated building."

I took so many photos in this exhibition but this post would be too long to add them all so I'll add more to a separate post whilst keeping this one more outfit based.

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