Saturday, 26 March 2011

We're just physical creatures of the underworld

Pretty in pink.
Gold lion's going to tell me where the light is.
Ignite your bones.

Dress made by a friend of mine, glasses from Primark, Doctor Martens boots

Hey guys, the weather has been so much nicer these past few days so I got to get out my Summer dress! It's one my friend made out of an old top from a charity shop and she was kind enough to give it to me :)
The Doc Martens used to be my mums, she's had them for over 20 years! So you could say they are retro! So glad she found them as I was almost resorting in buying a new pair which could have cost me somewhere around £80, glad I didn't have to! With me and my mum it's always the case of 'what's mine is yours' so she lets me borrow things from her and she can borrow my jewellery etc. Very handy having a mother who has some great stuff to hand down to you!

Love & Peace,
Isabella ....xoxo

Lady Gaga - Retro, Dance, Freak


  1. omg Love the photo's :D you should be a model!<3
    and Love the dress!

  2. great post
    oh love

  3. Yeah, why have a new pair when you can have a VINTAGE pair that was your Mom's! Love the dress. I've been enjoying this weather as well. I am a follower, btw. I don't know why it doesn't show on your end. In fact, I even emailed you a screen pic for you to see that I really am!

  4. Lovely blog :)

  5. Love your style, you have beautiful hair! I really like your blog, if you like we can follow each other! =)

  6. Awesome post. J'adore.

  7. Omigosh I love your glasses!! I saw one similar at Bershka but they were too small! Yours are just the right size! Love em!


  8. Love love love your look!!

  9. love that dress with the boots!

  10. Great dress! I like the shades :) I'm a follower now, will you return the favour?

  11. Kristine- Thank you hun! Aww, I don't think I am quite right to be a model but thank you, you are very sweet <3

    isabelle- Thank you Isabelle :)

    Theresa- Too right! Thanks! Awh, don't worry about it, maybe it accidently is set to private? Anyway, never mind. Thanks for following <3

    Jessica- Thank you x

    Caramella- Thanks very much! Of course, I shall follow you in a tick :)

    Cinderella's Closet- Thanks! x

    Carla Violet- Hehe, cheers :) Awh, that's a shame.. hope you find ones the right size soon!

    Mila- Aww, thanks very much!!

    CatSuperhero & Gorgeous Clara- Thanks!

    Violetta E.- Thank you, Violetta! LoveLove.

    Jessica- Thanks v. much :) Sure I will.

    SC & Maddalena- <3 <3



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