Thursday, 17 March 2011

What's the story morning glory

Jacket from Topshop, cardigan from charity shop, tee from Lavender (?),
skirt from Primark (yearsss ago, it's a kids size), tights from Primark, shoes from Urban Outfitters

All images copyright to me, don't take or use anywhere else, thank you xx

Hey everyone :) Thank you so much for 60 followers <3
I hope you are all well and I would like to apologise for my posts being a bit late, these photos here were actually taken on 12th March, so that's five days ago. The weather was lovely to do outfit photos so they turned out quite nice and I didn't have to edit them apart from 2. Things are pretty busy for me now with school and such so I am sorry if I don't post as much as I would like to.

In this outfit I liked to team up my jacket and the cardigan together to add a touch of bright colour, I think it works well, the contrast - but I ended up taking them off as it go warmer, which was lovely as it hasn't been like that for quite a while! This skirt I've had since I was about 10 but it still fits! The top I'm wearing, I remember was £12 from a store in Brighton but I can't quite recall the name... it was something like Lavender, Lily, Lola's..... but I really can't remember. They do many T-shirt designs with a great variety of things on them and I just love this one! It's the Starbucks & Rolling Stones logo put together - clever!
Kinda annoyed I forgot to put on any jewellery what-so-ever in these photos but never mind.

Love, Peace, XoXo.

P.S. I made a Flickr account, check it out here.
It includes some of my photography. Images such as; nature, objects, outfits (me), places.

Oasis - Morning Glory


  1. Love your edgy, eclectic style! Great blog. How about following each other? P.S. Gotta love Primark!

  2. love the outfit and so much layering going on!
    Also, cute starbuck tank and congrats on your 60 followers!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. wonderful outfit!! i adore your shirt..xx

  4. you have gorgeous hair!

    from your newest follower :) please follow me back :)

  5. You look amazing! I love your hair!


  6. Following back, my stylish friend!

  7. I love the Outfit ! and Love the pictures <3

  8. Haha, cool mix of starbucks and rolling stones ;-)
    Love this outfit!

  9. Love the outfit, especially your tights.
    Want to follow eachother?

  10. your tshirt is so cute

  11. Theresa- Thank you very much :D
    Yeah sure, followed you! Yeah, Primark can be great x

    H Rija- Haha yeah, thanks!

    Greer- Thank you love ! xx

    Artist by Design- Thank you :-*
    Yeah, I will follow you back, thanks for following mee.

    Dylana Suarez- Aww, thank you, Dylana!! xoxo

    Theresa- Thanks!

    Kristine- Thank you lovely Kristine <3 Glad you like.

    NLR- ;D Indeed it is. Thank youuu! xx

    Violetta E.- Yayy, thanks a lot!

    Alison- Thank you :)
    Sure we can follow eachother xoxo

    Sid- Thank you, Sid :)

    CatSuperhero- :D Thanks.



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