Monday, 8 September 2014

LondonEdge Fashion Trade Show

Le Keux Cosmetics
W/ Shelly d'Inferno and Aleshia Jane
Shelly d'Inferno
Manic Panic
Kent Kaliber
Charlotte Moran
Hatti Rex
Kreepsville 666
Kreepsville 666
Kreepsville 666
Yesterday I attended LondonEdge's 30th Fashion Trade Show, here are some photos from the day with items that caught my eye! Amazing stuff for 'The New Alternative'. The whole trade show reminded me of Camden but with so much MORE. Plenty of retro and gothic clothing which I naturally drooled over. As you can see from the last few images I especially loved Kreepsville 666, their items are so cool and unique! I want everything they have *.* Makes me also want Halloween to hurry up please!!


  1. that wonderful accessories!! , jar of ELVIRA !! wow,I love that movie!!

    1. Aren't they just?! Aww I haven't actually seen it, I must give it a watch!! :)

  2. yeeey I love your photos! the killstar models look so great! it was awesome to meet you guys x3
    xx Susan

  3. Seems like an event I would have loved to attend !


  4. This event looks so bloody amazing! Wish I could attend such events. Love the photos you took x

  5. Ahh the designs there are very interesting! Would love to shop some cool accessories from there!

  6. Amazing pictures! I love your style <3 Now following you on blogspot and bloglovin :)

  7. wow must be a nice event!
    i love this style :)

  8. This looks amazing. I love this type of style. It´s so unique.

  9. Wow ! Interesting post ! They are always trendy events in the UK ! I like it ! I hope that you enjoyed it Isabella :)

    Follow me now on GFC and/or Instagram ( @hekyma ), I always follow back.

  10. Wow, all of you are looking wonderful. I have never been to cool events in New York like this. So thank you so much for sharing it here. Do you think I can plan other parties on this same theme too?


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