Friday, 18 July 2014

Sing along mocking bird, you don't affect me

Vintage dungarees: Rokit Hoodie: Dirty Harry Vintage Dr Martens: hand-me-downs
Over-sized velvet jacket: charity shop Nirvana T-shirt & alien necklace: eBay

Photography by Melissa Arras.

Hey guys! Here are some medium format shots my uni friend Melissa shot of me around the Portobello area of London on 23rd Feb. It was really fun shooting this, we had various different denim items for the shoot (ones labelled are mine and the rest are hers) that was based around the subject of a denim campaign. Unlike the weather that we're having now, back then it was quite chilly which came to our advantage as the wind has brought my hair to life in some shots, which I do rather like! I've only ever shot on medium format briefly in the studio at uni before, and that was digital, but shooting with Melissa that day really inspired me to get going with medium format on film when I go into my second year. We can rent out the cameras for free so really there should be nothing stopping me! I'm so looking forward to getting taught about how to use those cameras again when I start back, even though I've been taught before, my memory needs refreshing!


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