Saturday, 24 May 2014

London Fashion Week AW14: Street Style

Leanne Woodfull rocking Motel Rocks!
Ollie Azarmi & Leanne Woodfull
Unknown / Leanne Lim-Walker
Silvija Vil
Ollie Azarmi / Ricki Hall & friend
Left: Kayla Hadlington & Leanne Woodfull
Arabella Golby / Becca Rose
Right: Amy Valentine
Kayla Hadlington / Ella Hedley
Amy Valentine, Kayla Hadlington & Ella Hedley
Hey guys! Here are some street-style photos I shot of various people/friends at London Fashion Week back in February. I've been meaning to make this post for a while but things always seem to get in the way, such as uni work etc, so sorry for the extreme delay! These shots were taken within the first 3 days of fashion week I attended, which were all really cold and rainy, it was pretty suckish but still I had a great time nethertheless, it was lovely meeting other fashion bloggers and hanging with you all! In my next few posts to come I'll post about the Pam Hogg show I went to and also my outfits from the days I went to so keep a look out... :) Going to make much more of an effort to blog more now that I'm done with my first year at uni ~.^



  1. I love Oli Azarmis jacket. You got some really great photos. Its great how all of them are so outgoing and different yet all have a similar vibe going on!

    1. Gah, I love it too! Thank you very much :) I agree!


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