Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Last week I went to meet with the CageCity girls to have a chat about working for them as a photographer and was delighted when given the chance to do a CageCity Meets! I've seen some of my favourite bloggers do it before and have always been like "I'd love to do that too!". CageCity Meets is something they do every week where they give bloggers the chance to style a number of 6 different outfits and then model them in a photoshoot! I really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun getting to sift through all the different brands, the clothes were amazing! I spent a good while trying to pick from them all and eventually came up with looks that were really quirky and very me, a lot of block colours and fun prints. I especially love how CageCity have a section of clothes from Fashion Design graduates, it's such a great idea and I loved the handmade pieces, the knitwear items were so cool.

I also did an interview which you can read on their site here!

P.S. yes... finally a post with my new (not so new anymore lol) hair and eyebrow colour!!!


  1. <3u <3u <3u

  2. Great styling, love the coat in the final look you styled but overall my favourite look is the first. Congratulations on being featured :)

  3. the last outfit is adorable! great shoot iz <3 proud of you xxx


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