Thursday, 5 December 2013

Cause time stopped and I got away, nothing chases if we stay

Jumper from Forever 21, necklace was a gift, vintage Levi shorts from Portobello Market, tights from Topshop,
DIY knee-high socks, vintage Dr. Marten boots are hand-me-downs.

Here are some outfit photos shot by my lovely best friend Cristina {Chrissy Chrispy} when I went to visit her back in September, a few days after I moved to London. Now I think back on that day I'm just remembering what a nightmare to get to hers it was, who would have thought just traveling from one side of London to the other would take me about 4 hours - everything went wrong! From getting the wrong tubes to ending up stuck in the wrong places... I was exhausted when I got to hers and she'd made pasta which was simply a lifesaver as I could have quite easily collapsed aha. Thankfully since then I've gotten to know how to travel around better and am less of a hopeless case with London transport. Phew.

This jumper is my favourite jumper at the moment, it's so snug and comfy and I pretty much wear it all the time when I'm at home. It was a bit of a splurge for me because I don't usually spend £20 on a jumper but when I first moved to London I decided I'd treat myself to it because it was too nice not to resist ^.^
The tights here are my second pair because the first pair got laddered by my cat... I was not a happy bunny... But as you can see these second pair soon got a ladder too, so I'm basically doomed when it comes to such thin tights. At least they were only £1 in the sale I suppose. The colouring of them in these photos is really weird I know, I was burning them in on Photoshop because it was too bright on the legs to see the print... Little did I realise that I burned them too much and realised too late. Nevermind.


  1. Gorgeous lady! I love this outfit, that jumper is so purdy ♥
    We'll have to meet up soon!xx

    1. Aww thank you Olivia! :) ♥ Yes that would be great! xx

  2. You are stunning, I love this outfit ! <3

  3. That sweater is so adorable! Love the colour of your hair x


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