Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I should have loved a thunderbird instead; At least when spring comes they roar back again.

Vintage shirt from a shop on Brick Lane, skirt from Forever 21, leggings I'm not sure,
necklace from Primark, bracelet from Shephards Bush market

Hey guys! I just took these photos and edited them now along with two other outfits I put together which I'll post in the next few days. I apologise for neglecting this blog and lookbook with outfits but I've been so busy as usual. I've been to university interviews were I have conditional places from all of my interviews (three) so far which I'm very pleased about :-) My favourite out of the three is Middlesex University as they are the most impressive when it comes to the arts and its Photography departments in general - so so good! So hopefully I shall be going there as long as I get the right UCAS points. I have also recently just had my Easter holidays and had so much fun being out with friends and before that I got to meet the lovely fellow lookbooker/blogger Cristina Criaco in Camden on the 23rd March and if you're reading this I lufff you girl! She showed me this vintage store on Brick Lane were they had a £1 bucket and that is where I came across this shirt - so cheap! So yeah, everything is well on my part, apart from being a little bit buggy and ill! Hope everyone else is keeping well and enjoying the good weather if you are fortunate to be having some like I am in the England! :-)

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  1. Amazing looks, great style<3

  2. Cute look, dear! x

    <3 Melissa

  3. Really glad Ive come across your blog, love your style <3

    1. Aww that's lovely, thank you very much Gail <3

  4. ohhh you`re amazing,
    i love you <3

    1. Awww, says you?! Cha ;)
      Ty & I love you too <333

  5. i wish i lived near a primark!

    amen fashion †


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