Sunday, 10 April 2011

9th April 2011

Shirt from H&M, skirt from Primark, tights from Primark, bag off eBay,
necklace from Topshop, ring from Claire's (I think!), bracelets from Primark
[I also wore my Urban Outfitters silver shoes & some glittery black socks but you can't see them here]

Me with my mums Canon AE-1 she's letting me use! <3 (((Photos to come!)))
Bought some lovely lovely lovely stuff which I shall post in my next post when I've taken some photos of it all... But yeah, as you can see, I got some items in ROKIT! It's a popular vintage store in Camden. I bought a jumper which is burgundy red with a cool design on it (don't know how to explain) and I also got a lilac shirt which was in the sale for £5 :)
We went around loads of the cool shops and the markets and looked in the awesome Cyberdog, it's so crazy in there, aha.
We went into more vintage stores and there was this one were they had many vintage shorts all £10 each, a lot of them were small sizes so I was pleased because the ones I wanted fitted me greatly. They are both sort of high-waisted, one is a light blue denim and the other is a slightly faded black denim.
I also got a American Apparel look-alike hoodie, burgundy red also, for £30. It was cheaper than buying one in AA as the ones in there are £40+ so at least I saved a tenner. I bought it in size large as when I went back for it someone had bought the medium I was going to buy and they only had XS and L & XXL... but I'm sort of glad it's a large as I can pull the sleeves over my hands when it's cold and it's really snug.
Oh and I also got some tights like these ones, (middle girl). I fell in love with them when I first saw them shown in an Olsenboye ad and then seeing them in Topshop after but I always waited to see them cheaper so the ones I finally got were £8... not too bad.
Also! You many have noticed I have 'dip-dyed' my hair, it's only done with a spray on so it's not permanent but I felt like trying it out because I just love this style! I bought mine from Superdrug for £3.

Thanks for reading, it's now my Easter Holidays so hopefully there will be more frequent outfit posts for you all!
Much love, Isabella XOXO


  1. Dip-dyed hair ... FIERCE YOU! J'adore! Really! I wish I had the balls to color my hair. Can't wait to see your shopping results ;)

  2. OMG your hair <3 and your clothes!!! <3 Fashionista!!
    btw: is your canon AE-1 digital og film? :)
    ( I guess it is film) :) haha

  3. aww I love your hairstyle!!! And your outfit is adorable!! Nice blog!
    follow you:) follow mine if you like it of cource:))

  4. oh wow. Just came across your blog now. You are a true fashionista. Love these shots.


  5. I love your necklace!

  6. love this whole look, esp the hair! xx

  7. wow you have very inspirational style :) You should work in fashion


  8. i wish i could do my hair like yours
    looks so damn cool
    diggin your style alot

  9. cool hair and awesome camera!!

  10. amazing outfit and woah, I love your camera <3

  11. I <3 your outfit!

    Follow me,girl;)

  12. your outfit is pure radness perfection - seriously!


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