Sunday, 16 January 2011

15th January 2011

Jacket & shirt from Topshop, Skirt and tights from Primark, headscarf from New Look

Here is my outfit :) I know I've shown most of the stuff I am wearing in my last post but I realised I haven't posted since last year and also the skirt is my newest buy, and bargain! It was just £3 and I have an obsession with velvet... I got 2, my other one is in red <3 I think I'll be going back to get the royal blue colour too ^.^

My next post I think will not have me in it as I'm pretty busy with school stuff and not much time to take/edit photos, also I'm getting bored of posting my looks on here as they never seem that WOW factor to me.

But my next post shall probably include something like; catwalk looks, fashion must haves, accessories...
Something good anyway! :-) And once I've done that I'll hopefully have an amazing outfit of the day look to share with y'all!


P.S. I've got my sixth form college courses for photography & performing arts!!


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG lovee this so much!!!perfect!:)

  2. your hair scarf is so cute! i love how you wear it :)

  3. I like your jacket!

  4. thanks for your comment :)

    love your make up. looks great.

  5. O wow love it I literally just did a post on headscarves then saw this after haha

  6. electric eyes

  7. Glamour Bbey & Violetta- Thank you! <3

    Rand T- Awww, thank you thank you thank you :D xx

    KANI- Thanks so much, Kani! :)

    jj- Thankies! xx

    fashion nightmare- That's alright. Thank you :)

    Charlene- Thanks, haha aww awesome :) I'll be sure to check it out :D

    Charleston- :D <3

  8. what a beautiful eyes you have ! x


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